The project

Super Fun Happy Tree is a super-sized poster of a Christmas tree. The posters feature innovative interpretations of the traditional Christmas tree by some of Melbourne’s most exciting image-makers.

The posters offer a space-saving alternative to ‘real’ Christmas trees, perfectly suited to contemporary apartment living. Super, fun, happy and desirable objects, the posters bring design and festivity into Australian households and workplaces.

The posters showcase artwork by Sarah Pickering, Steven Phillips, Andrew Ashton and Sawdust and Diamonds.


Your living space, your workspace, your holiday space or any other space... Hang them anywhere and everywhere!



The image-makers

Andrew Ashton

Andrew Ashton is committed to exploring and defining a contemporary Australian approach to communications and creative expression. He has over twenty years of communication design experience, producing effective outcomes that involve conceptual thinking, art direction, brand development, writing, image-making and craftsmanship. Andrew teaches Communication Design at Monash University, chaired the 2012 Australian Design Biennale and is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale.

Sarah Pickering

Sarah Pickering is a formally trained illustrator and graphic designer from Basel, Switzerland. Since moving to Melbourne in 2008 Sarah has regularly contributed her work to a number of publications in Australia and internationally. She has a wonderful hands-on approach to image-making and skillfully uses various techniques to create images of warmth, vibrancy and colour.


Steven Phillips

Steven Phillips is a cross-disciplinary designer based in Melbourne. After graduating from an Industrial Design degree in 2000 he has worked in many mediums including furniture design, consumer product design, 3D animation, interactive authoring and public sculpture. He has maintained a strong interest in fashion and has recently set up the Dead and Buried workshop and retail space. 2012 will see the launch of his eponymous high fashion shoe brand.

Sawdust and Diamonds

Super Fun Happy Tree is a project by Sawdust and Diamonds, a creative consultancy established in 2011 by Marco Gjergja. Marco has teamed up with fellow Swinburne alumni Luke Donovan and Luke Matthews to realise the Super Fun Happy Tree project to create the D-I-Y poster.